French Park Care Center

French Park nurse and elderly resident in a wheelchair outside

Nita R.

5-star, Facebook Review

Rose S.

5-star, Google Review

Jess J.

5-star, Google Review

Excellent facility – prompt mail delivery of my number one online store Amazon packages. Tons of delicious food, I’ve been here since October 2016. I have lots of my favourite nurses on my Facebook Mates. My Doctors and Nurses are the best.

Joseph B.

5-star, Yelp Review

My mother is a resident in this wonderful facility. I have worked and I have been in a few nursing homes around southern california, BELIEVE me this facility is one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest.

I would say the type of care is superb seeing my mom being cared for the quality that I have not seen from the previous facilities she’s been. They gave her the opportunity to enjoy what she enjoys doing, gardening, and even catered her meals to her preference, asian dishes. I can’t give enough credit to the people who works in this facility from the Administrator down to the nursing assistants to the way they take care of their patients, they truly care and you feel it as a relative visiting your family member.

The facility aside from being well maintained is also located in a very nice and secluded neighborhood. The facility amenities are awesome, they have a nice park within the premises, a gardening area, a very spacious nice patio, and an events area where on an ordinary day resident patients may hang out.

Too much more good things but I will let you explore and learn more about them yourself. One thing I want to share with everyone is if I would need to be in a nursing home in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to be placed in this facility.

I give this facility a 10-star.

Paul P.

5-star, Yelp Review

I thought it was a very nice place and the nurses are just great. They will help you with anything. I even had a sweet nurse that combed my hair and got all the snarls out and then braid it. I really like the people there and it’s a beautiful place.

Barbara S.

5-star, Google Review

This facility is clean and the people are so kind here. It is an enjoyable place to visit! I highly recommend this place for any one who is looking for placement.

Cherry P.

5-star, Yelp Review

Thank you French park nursing staff for taking care of my uncle Robert B. Sadly, he passed on Wednesday. Thank you to Kristen, station 1 Manager and Katherine, station 1 treatment nurse. My uncle talked about you both all the time. The care you provided extended way beyond my uncle. You also took care of his loved ones who couldn’t always be there. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you so much, from me, my family, and my uncle.

Deanna S.

5-star, Google Review

I was not able to care for myself after surgery and I was so worried. I’m so grateful that I am being cared for by all the amazing, nice and professionals at French Park. I’m more impressed each day that I am being nursed back to health.

Katty M.

5-star, Google Review

My experience at French Park Care Center and skilled nursing facility’s rapid recovery unit was excellent. My nursing staff was attentive and professional making a difficult transition go smoothly and comfortably. The physical and occupational therapists got me back on the path to recovery after a devastating injury. French Park Care Center offers a wide varriety of entertainment actvities for the patients including off-site outtings and daily in-house events. I am glad I chose French Park Care Center to administer and facilitate my post-op recovery. I recomend this facility confidently and without reservation to all my friends and family.

Andrew L.

Yelp Review

My mother unfortunately had suffered from a couple of hemorrhages & has been staying at this place for a year & a half. The nurses know her very well & love her. They have been doing a great job taking care of her which is good cause my family & I haven’t been able to be there everyday with her like before due to the pandemic which has put her recovery mostly on hold. We have been able to see her on screen usually up to three hours a day everyday through a tablet that we have there as well as fifteen minute visits there in person once a week.

Ryan N.

Google Review

Thank you French Park  for caring for my mom for 5 weeks! My mom arrived at FP station 4 (post acute) a huge mess (covid) the previous hospital she was at had her sedated deeply and on hooked on the ventilator at FULL power, way too much for a woman of her size. My mom had already been intubated for a total of 3 whole months ALREADY and did absolutely NOTHING to facilitate weaning her off it at all. She was also doped on all kinds of medications.

Within 4 weeks or so, FP was able to wean my mom completely off the vent and had cut down her medications considerably. Every single person I’ve dealt with at French Park were courteous, professional and so so helpful. Even the Respiratory therapists were amazing, they kept us up to date on my mom’s progress. My family and I cannot express how grateful we are to have had my mom continued with her recovery at FP! She’s home with us now and it’s all thanks to French Park!

Natalie D.

Yelp Review

I spent almost two months here and I enjoyed my stay. The therapists are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile with the patients

Overall great service and great people. Nurses, case managers, admissions and social workers are always helpful.

Thomas G.

Google Review

I’ve resided here for over 4 months. I was taught how to walk again in their state of the art gymnasium . The staff is amazingly prompt, cheerful, and willing to bend over backwards for patients.
There are a multitude of activities daily and a gorgeous park on the property. The wound care, speech therapist, activities dept are exemplary.
The menu is great with alternatives for each meal. You couldn’t find a more exquisite skilled nursing home. I know 20 patients who will attest to my comments.

Jeff S.

Google Review

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